Elena Rangel · Art Director
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Social Media: Let's Grow Together


Brand: La-Z-Boy

Art Director: Alexa Sandoval | Ana García | Elena Rangel

Copywriter: Mariana Mendoza


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Brand Manifesto

A Facebook Canvas

File - Facebook Canvas Map.png

The social media campaign will start with a Facebook canvas displaying a static image of how furniture tells memories.

Static Lazboy.png

The next element is carousel telling the story of how La-Z-Boy is with you at every stage of your life.


Followed by a 360 interactive video that will display different memories every time the cell phone moves.

Here is how it would work.

The element of the canvas is a video that will help to engage and wrap the whole idea with the newly homers

Final element will be a call to action: Make new memories at https://www.la-z-boy.com