Elena Rangel · Art Director
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Campaign: Remember Me


Brand: Fujifilm

Art Director: Alexa Sandoval | Ana García | Elena Rangel 

Copywriter: Mariana Mendoza 

The Challenge: How can we convince people that holding a printed photograph in their hands is more memorable than seeing it on a screen?

Observation: Photographs get lost if they are not printed, and memories are forgotten if they are not immortalized. 

Insight: Photographs are vivid memories that you can feel and relive. 

Creative Strategy: Remember me

Print Ads

Memories at your door

The subscription box will include photographs that users will have pre-selected in the Fujifilm app to print. Each month, in addition to receiving their favorite memories, subscribers will get limited edition items to place their photographs.

Fujifilm Box Combo.jpg


To promote the campaign we will invite magazine subscribers to link their Facebook accounts to create personalized ads with their own memories. That way, when they receive their monthly magazine they'll find one of their personal photographs printed.


The memories truck

A branded truck will tour the Mexican Republic and will invite people to commemorate every moment by taking and printing their memories. It'll make 12 stops in different cities (one city per weekend), and the event will be promoted using Radio spots and Fb events so people can follow the route. In addition, all participants will receive branded items.

Once the tour is complete, a wall of memories will be created with all the photographs that were taken during the memories truck tour. The wall will be placed in a popular spot in México city.

Fujifilm Memories Wall Mockup.jpg