Elena rangel
Elena Rangel · Art Director
Gum Observatory

Rooms 2

Gum Observatory

An informational introduction to Chewmorrow Land. A short video will describe the history of chewing, it’s importance on human evolution, and what we could end up looking like if we stop chewing


The sweet sound of chewing gum triggers autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR). All that’s left to do is sit back and relax with a guided meditation. 

Aircraft Pain Room

Nothing alleviates uncomfortable ear pressure like gum. The Aircraft Cabin will dispense emergency gum packs from the oxygen mask panel. Why can’t all flights have this?

Fight Plaque Room

Chewing gum is good for your teeth. So we designed a velcro sticky wall that represents your teeth fighting plaque. Participants will wear a velcro plaque suit, that will stick to our wall of teeth, which will then be removed by a recking gum ball.

Fresh To Breath Room

The Fresh to Breath Room is ice cold, because nothing leaves you or your breath fresher then mint gum.

Dizzy Easy Room

Chewing helps relieve nausea and motion sickness, so make sure to chew in the Dizzy Easy Room.