Elena Rangel · Art Director



Who me?


My whole name is Yelitza Elena Rangel Bravo

I was born in Venezuela and now based in Miami. I Graduated from Business & Administration (YES! I'm good with numbers) in UCAB-Guayana in Venezuela and then moved to México, where I worked 2 years in a personal development center that I helped establish from day ZERO. I felt in love with the magic of the process, create (Campaigns, strategies, branding, and beyond) from an idea, from a dream. Just like the butterfly goes through phases to transform from a caterpillar to this beautiful creature, full creativity and energy to fly high. I truly believe that no matter how difficult it may seem, everything can be done with love and patience.

I do actively participate in workshops and courses on social media marketing, which led me to complete a Neuromarketing program in the University of Barcelona.
Now just finished a Master’s in Global Strategic Communications & Art Direction at FIU and Miami Ad School. Besides from marketing, I love flowers, decorating, kids and mandalas, a few things that have helped me grow as an art director. To finish, I want to share with you my only rule:

Details make the difference between good and exceptional